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Dr. Maroof

Dr. Maroof is our inspiring leader and medical director at Queen C Skin Studio located in Regina, SK. She performs a number of cosmetic treatments including neuromodulator injections (Botox, Dysport, Nuceiva) for rejuvenation and orofacial pain, dermal fillers (hyaluronic acid), collagen induction, PRP therapy, laser and light treatments. She became interested in medical aesthetics after receiving treatments herself and noticed how feeling good about oneself translates positively into day to day life. “When clients look and feel their best, it is easy to see their attitude and confidence improve which makes medical aesthetics so rewarding.”

Dr. Maroof also works as a family physician in Regina Saskatchewan. She came to Canada as a refugee from her country of Iraq where she practiced obstetrics, gynecology and women’s health for 10 years. Dr. Maroof completed her family medicine residency at the University of Saskatchewan and received her certificate in family medicine in 2002. A passionate teacher, and faculty member her excellence in teaching was recognized in 2013 when Dr. Maroof received Community family medicine teacher of the year. An advocate for health and wellness in 2017 she received an award of excellence for her commitment to the care of refugees and immigrants arriving in her community of Regina, Saskatchewan. In the same year she was recognized as a leading physician of the world and top family physician in Saskatchewan.

In addition to her work as a family physician Dr. Maroof has always had an interest in the field of medical aesthetics and has completed training courses in both cosmetics and pain management. She attended the American Academy of Facial Esthetics courses and received training and certification for neuromodulator and dermal filler injections. She completed advanced injection training for the treatment of TMJ and orofacial pain syndrome. Dr. Maroof has trained in laser and light therapy for scarring, vaginal rejuvenation, and skin tightening. This year she attended many aesthetic meetings and conferences with the most recent being the Galderma MD GAIN meeting in Toronto for an update on various aesthetics treatments with Sculptra, Dysport, and dermal fillers.

Dr. Maroof is known for her infectious laugh, her jazzy outfits, and her always coordinated shade of lipstick. Her leadership, creativity, and passion inspire and motivate us daily. She cares very deeply about her clients and the quality of care they receive at Queen C Skin Studio.

Danielle Guy also known as “Dani or Dano” has been involved in the health and wellness community for the past 5 years. Working as a pharmacy technician and Ideal Protein coach at the Wellness Pharmacy located in the Queen City. Danielle’s interest in the health and fitness world started in 2014 as she competed in her first SABBA bikini fitness competition taking home 2nd place in her category. Her passion for fitness and health hasn’t stopped since. She became a certified Cool Sculpt technician in 2017 and has enjoyed getting to be apart of her clients body contouring journeys ever since. “Helping others feel more comfortable and confident within themselves is the best part of the CoolSculpting process”. -Danielle

Our Mission

is to provide our distinguished clientele with the highest standards of Customer Service and Clinical Sanitation procedures, using advanced technology, to ensure the best and fastest possible results.

We take pride in our cutting edge technology, and most importantly we provide outstanding customer service, with emphasis on quality results tailored to each and every individual.

We consistently keep improving and adding new services based on two key drivers:

1. to meet our customers anti-aging needs.

2. to keep up-to-date with this constant evolving industry.